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Top Five Breast Reduction Recovery Tips

Breast Reduction in St. Augustine, FLWhen considering breast reduction surgery, many patients reveal to us they are less concerned about going through with their surgery and more concerned about the recovery process. Recovering from your breast reduction doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. Dr. Vu wanted to share with you his top five breast reduction recovery tips that will help make your recovery a breeze.

1. Recline, Don’t Lay

Swelling is a big portion of your recovery process. Dr. Vu and his team take extra precautions to help you reduce your swelling following your breast reduction, but it will still cloud your overall results for the first few weeks. Reclining back while keeping your torso elevated instead of lying flat will help reduce the amount of swelling in your chest. You will also want to avoid sleeping on your belly following your procedure. We recommend you put pillows on each side of you before nodding off to avoid flipping over in the middle of the night.

2. Your Bra is Your Best Friend

Like we said earlier, we take as much precaution as possible to help you reduce swelling following your breast reduction. We meant it. This is reflected in the post-surgical bra you will be required to wear after your breast reduction surgery. Once you’re given the okay to move into a regular bra, we recommend you starting with something that’s soft and supportive, like a wireless sports bra, that you can wear around the clock and while you sleep. While an underwire might sound like a good idea, we recommend you avoid those for the first few months following your surgery. The underwire can cause irritation to your incision sites, leading to chafing and possible sores.

3. Hello Hydration

Drinking plenty of water following your procedure can once again help you reduce the amount of swelling you’ll experience following your breast reduction surgery. Dr. Vu recommends trying to keep a glass of water with you at all times so you remember to keep drinking, even when you’re not very thirsty. Not only is proper hydration good for your swelling, but it’s also good for your organs. Drinking plenty of water helps your skin heal and helps your digestive process get back on track after your breast reduction.

4. Don’t Rest Too Much

While, yes, resting following your breast reduction is very important to make a quick and full recovery, you won’t want to be resting all day and all night. We are by no means telling you to go back into a regular exercise routine, but short, periodic walks in the days following your breast reduction have actually proven helpful for blood circulation and, you guessed it, reducing the amount of swelling in your chest.

5. Call Your Salon

This one may sound a little weird, but we promise you’ll thank us later. Following your breast reduction, you’ll be advised not to lift your hands above your head for quite some time. And lifting your hands above your head when you do get the okay may still feel very uncomfortable. This makes shampooing your hair very tricky following your breast reduction. We recommend booking a few hair appointments with your favorite salon or stylist in advance, so you can get your hair clean without having to sacrifice your comfort.

We hope these tips made breast reduction recovery sound a little less scary and a little more manageable. If you’re interested in learning about how you can benefit from breast reduction surgery, call our office today to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Anh Vu.