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Breast Surgery in St. Augustine, FL

Breast surgery includes some of the most frequently performed procedures in cosmetic surgery. It can address practically all concerns that a woman may have with her breasts, and even includes treatments for men. If you are located in or around St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Palm Coast, or Daytona Beach, you can feel comfortable choosing Dr. Anh Vu for your breast surgery.

What is Breast Surgery?

Breast surgery is a category of plastic surgery procedures that deal with the breasts. This includes procedures that reshape, resize, or lift the breasts, as well as gynecomastia surgery for men. If you are looking for some form of breast enhancement, you will likely find an applicable treatment with breast surgery. Although we perform many types of breast surgery at Anh Vu, M.D., the majority of our women patients choose breast enlargement surgery, which is the single most popular plastic surgery procedure in the country.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Why Choose Dr. Anh Vu for Your Breast Surgery?

Breast surgery can produce long-term and even permanent results. These procedures can also result in complications that put your health at risk if not performed by a properly trained surgeon. Dr. Anh Vu is highly trained in cosmetic surgery, thanks to having trained under some of the best surgeons in the country. He works closely with every patient from the second they step foot in our practice. Dr. Vu is meticulous throughout every step of treatment, and finds that his honesty and dedication help him deliver results that patients cannot find anywhere else.

What Breast Surgery Procedures Are Available?

Anh Vu, M.D. is one of Florida's leading plastic surgery practices, offering a range of breast surgery procedures. These include:

If you are unhappy with the shape, size, or perkiness of your breasts, you may want to consider a breast surgery at Anh Vu, M.D. We have been performing breast surgeries with exceptional results for over a decade, and offer these treatments to the residents in and around St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Palm Coast, and Daytona Beach. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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