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Chemical Peels in St. Augustine, FL

Chemical peels offer a customizable treatment to patients seeking skin rejuvenation. Whether you want to treat acne, look younger, or just improve skin texture and tone, there is a chemical peel treatment for you. Dr. Anh Vu offers chemical peels and other great skin care treatments to men and women living in Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Palm Coast, and St. Augustine.

What is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a non-invasive treatment that is designed to exfoliate the skin and reveal the healthy, beautiful skin underneath. These are highly customizable, allowing patients to receive the treatment that will best benefit their skin. Chemical peels can address a range of conditions in the skin, including wrinkles, sun damage, acne, and scars.

What Kind of Chemical Peels Are Available?

At Anh Vu, M.D., we offer a range of chemical peel treatments so that our patients can achieve the results they are looking for. These treatments include:

VI Peel

Our standard treatment, the VI Peel improves tone, texture, and clarity of the skin. It reduces and eliminates age spots, freckles, and hyperpigmentation, including melasma. It also reduces pore size, softens lines and wrinkles, and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for firmer skin. Medical dermaplaning is recommended immediately prior to the VI Peels. At 6 weeks post-peel, the Harmony Rejuve Facial is recommended.

VI Precision Peel

With a higher concentration of the synergistic blend of ingredients in the VI Peel, Precision is 25 percent stronger than a basic VI Peel. Precision is an excellent addition for treating stubborn hyperpigmentation, including melasma, actinic keratosis and age spots on the hands, arms, or chest. The Precision Peel is to be used in conjunction with the VI Peel. Medical dermaplaning is recommended immediately prior to the VI Peels, and a Harmony Rejuve Facial is recommended 6 weeks post-peel.

Glycolic Peel

Reduces active acne, eliminates blackheads, and stimulates natural collagen production, which improves the appearance of light wrinkles. The Glycolic Peel also evens out skin tone, brightening skin color and fading hyperpigmentation.

VI Acne Peel

With the power of Benzoyl peroxide, you can see an improvement in your acne-prone skin in just seven days. Effective for patients as young as 12, the peel is virtually painless. Medical dermaplaning is recommended immediately prior to the VI Peels, and a Harmony Rejuve Facial is recommended 6 weeks post-peel.

VI Precision Plus Peel

The VI Precision Plus Peel is a powerful booster and pad system with effective ingredients. Hydroquinone and Kojic acid make the Precision Plus perfect for correcting pigmentation issues. Medical dermaplaning is recommended immediately prior to the VI Peels, and a Harmony Rejuve Facial is recommended 6 weeks post-peel.

Salicylic Peel

A series of light salicylic peels is recommended for patients with acne concerns, reducing the appearance of acne and preventing future breakouts from occurring.

Chemical Peels

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How Are Chemical Peels Administered?

Before a chemical peel, the skin is washed to prepare it for treatment. Then, the chosen treatment is applied to the skin. These treatments are not painful, but can create a stinging sensation in the skin. The chemicals are absorbed by the skin and cause it to exfoliate over the next week or two. Chemical peels are generally performed in about 30 minutes.

What Can I Expect After My Chemical Peel?

After a chemical peel, you can expect redness and mild sensitivity for a few days. The skin will crust and peel for one to two weeks after treatment. We recommend that patients limit sun exposure as much as possible, as the newly revealed skin will be highly sensitive to sunlight. After approximately two weeks, you will start to notice the results of treatment as healthy, vibrant skin becomes visible.

Am I A Good Candidate for Chemical Peels?

If you would like to improve the texture of the skin or reduce the appearance of imperfections, you may be a good candidate for a chemical peel. If you think you are a good candidate, call us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Anh Vu. During your consultation, Dr. Vu will review all possible treatments with you and help determine the best treatment option based on the results you hope to achieve. Chemical peels are considered a cosmetic treatment, meaning that they aren't covered by insurance. However, we accept a variety of payment options and financing to make our services accessible to all of our patients.

If you are considering a chemical peel, contact us today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about the treatment. Chemical peels can provide significant skin rejuvenation results and are offered to men and women living in St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, and Palm Coast. For all of your chemical peels and other skin treatments, you can count on Anh Vu, M.D. for quality care and exceptional results.

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