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Nancy Lesser
Nancy Lesser
21:20 13 Feb 20
I LOVE Dr. Vu and his team. They are all very friendly and compassionate to the patients.Very happy he was recommended to me.
Kimberly Licari
Kimberly Licari
21:17 13 Feb 20
Dr. Vu and his staff are kind, compassionate and listen to all of my concerns and questions. Add a breast cancer survivor, they are an integral part of my team! I highly recommend them.
Cindy bush
Cindy bush
17:31 30 Jan 20
Dr Vu was the Doctor that was consulted for my brothers surgery after receiving a severe trauma to his head leaving him with a 10 inch curved slice in his head exposing his scull. Before consulting Vu other Doctors had commented that he probably would not have hair growth in that area because of the deterioration and the integrity of the skin. Also told him he would most likely need a skin graft. After 4 days of fighting infection and ridding of the infection Dr Vu enters into the case. At my brothers surgical bedside before being taken back I asked Dr Vu if I could please talk with him before taking my brother Punkin( Cary Bush’s nickname). Told him what the other Doctors had said and how important it was to him to save his hair. Dr Vu then said, “He has a Great Head of hair and I am going to save it for him.” He was so compassionate and sincere and then turned and explained to Punkin how he intended to save his hair. Punkin got HUGE Smile on his Face and I got tears... Need I say he’s my Little Brother.... Today, 14 days later and having staples removed we are leaving Dr Vu’s Office with Smiling Faces. I told them I wanted to write a review so more people would have the opportunity to know what a Great Plastic Surgeon Dr Vu actually is. I am in my 60s and been to many Doctors in my Lifetime. Doctor Vu is one of those that Punkin and I are referring to any and EVERYONE that would need his Services. Hoping this has not been too lengthy... Just needed to get the point across what an OUTSTANDING Doctor and Professional Doctor Vu Truly is.... Thank You for Reading, Cindy Bush Hernandez
Linda Wilder
Linda Wilder
21:15 06 Jan 20
Love Dr Vu and his whole staff. Everything from the initial consultation to the follow up after surgery was handled great. I had to have a reconstruction redone that had failed after 10 hours and was very apprehensive until meeting Dr Vu’s staff.
Anonymous Dotcom
Anonymous Dotcom
17:17 22 Dec 19
I had back lipo 2017 & it was one of the most painful experiences of my life! I was told I didn’t tolerate the procedure well & assumes this is why my upper back was not done. Sadly, My results are unfavorable. I’m sure this procedure should’ve been performed under general anesthesia. Unfortunately, I paid full price.
Audra DiStefano
Audra DiStefano
14:39 21 Nov 19
Dr. Anh Vu and staff are exceptional. They treated me with the utmost respect and helped to reach my goal. They answered all my questions and addressed my concerns. Would definitely recommend them!
C. Addy
C. Addy
16:06 17 Oct 19
I had had Breast implants for many years and it was time for them to come out or be replaced. I had no idea where to go until Dr. Vu was recommended to me. Being older, I didn’t think there was anyway I was going to get the great look I got all those years ago with the previous implants. I was wrong. These implants are wonderful and look better than the last ones. The surgery was easy with a short recovery! I’m now looking forward to having cool sculpting done as well as several dermatological procedures. Thank you Dr. Vu! You’re the best!
Kathy Laverty
Kathy Laverty
12:08 07 Sep 19
I cannot thank Dr. Vu and his amazing staff for the care I received while going through breast cancer, mastectomy's, reconstruction. Dr. Vu and his staff answered all my questions and made me feel like family. Thank you Dr. Vu and your exceptionally caring staff.
Elaine Deringer
Elaine Deringer
21:11 21 Aug 19
Dr. Vu & changing procedure. Heavy heavy eye lids. Did not realize that my field of vision was so limited. There was no pain. Recovery in 1-2 weeks of slight pink in the crease of my eye lid. I now have full range of vision. Dr. Vu & staff....THANK YOU!!!
Pier Fitts
Pier Fitts
13:59 15 Aug 19
I am soooo in love with Dr. Vu and his staff, and in the best possible way! I've been with his practice for almost 6 years, and have had multiple surgeries because of Breast Cancer and a double mastectomy. I have always felt "part of the team" with his approach and dedication for a positive outcome. My last series of surgeries for reconstruction (5 I think) were artful and included fat transfer and the outcome was gorgeous! His office staff are lovely, always positive and are so supportive! I wouldn't go anywhere else! And many, many other services are offered, I can do it ALL right here! Thanks Dr. Vu and staff!
Sarah Swiatowicz
Sarah Swiatowicz
15:50 13 Aug 19
Had a wonderful experience from start to finish. Staff was very personable and professional. I highly recommend this practice!
Dianne Jacoby
Dianne Jacoby
14:40 08 Aug 19
Dr Vu is terrific. He is quite talented with his procedures and a delightful person. His office staff could not be kinder or friendlier. His office is lovely and calming. I love the results he gives me!
Marianne Turner
Marianne Turner
06:48 03 Aug 19
There was a lack of communication in my consultation. I was not happy or satisfied and wrote an unfavorable review . Dr. Vu personally called me and apologized and was genuinely concerned with rectifying the misunderstanding. I have not had service from him yet, but feel like he is the man for the job. It’s complicated and he didn’t want to get my hopes up. I appreciate that honesty in a doctor. I look forward to have him treating me and hope for the best.
MagnoliaStormchild Wheeler
MagnoliaStormchild Wheeler
02:51 28 Jul 19
When an Insurance change through work left me dangling mid-reconstruction, Dr. Vu and his team made the transition more smooth than I expected. He was kind and understanding, and easily took up the scalpel from where my previous surgeon left off. I am so happy to have someone I trust!
Brenda Fiedler
Brenda Fiedler
14:00 01 Jul 19
I just had my implants removed by Dr Vu, and I can't express in words how happy I am!  Consultation on the 20th,  surgery on the 26th!!   I love Dr Vu and his staff.  Pretty much pain free, and am anxious to get back to work Monday!
Elle Troy
Elle Troy
13:20 01 Jul 19
I am so glad I found Dr. Vu and his amazing, professional staff! If you ever thought trying out or even getting Consultation on cool sculpting, go see Kelly, she will answer ALL of your questions! I’ve used this office for several coolsculpting treatments (yes! Can be painful!) and Botox procedures. By far one of my favorite establishments.
Debra Schafner
Debra Schafner
22:55 06 May 19
Dr. Vu and the staff are so friendly and know exactly what service you need. My laser treatments worked great for my needs.
Tara Russo
Tara Russo
20:19 28 Mar 19
I love Dr. Vu and his staff! They are so nice and are the best at what they do. People are always thinking I am much younger than my biological age. I highly recommend them - if you are going to go for it, go with the best! 😊
Teresa Oliver
Teresa Oliver
19:57 12 Mar 19
Dr. Vu and his staff are very professional and friendly. I enjoy going to his practice because everyone there makes me feel at home and it is a spa-like atmosphere. They are knowledgeable and efficient and take good care of me!
Nikitha Maccherone
Nikitha Maccherone
21:23 11 Mar 19
First off Dr. Vu is the freaking man! I have wanted a breast augmentation forever at least 15yrs and finally had the opportunity to get it done. After lots of searching I kept coming back to Dr. Vu’s page and booked an appt. Long story short I went for a B to DD. A couldn’t be happier. Doc is super nice and warm. Doesn’t make you feel like you’re just another paycheck. He really cares about you and is 100% honest. He actually recommended against me having the surgery since he really believes I didn’t need it but I wanted so bad of course he was willing. If I ever go bigger and need a little nip tuck I will 1000% go back to Dr. Vu. Everyone thinks they’re REAL ❤️❤️❤️
Krista Ubbels
Krista Ubbels
17:25 08 Mar 19
I give Dr. Vu and his staff my highest recommendation. He and his entire staff are exceptional in all ways. The office is run in a compassionate yet very efficient manner. I feel truly cared for every time I go in. I have underwent several surgeries by Dr. Vu, and I can honestly say that the results were amazing every time. He is knowledgeable, professional, caring, and thorough. True excellence!
Dianna Brady
Dianna Brady
20:29 07 Mar 19
Dr Vu and his staff were very courteous and helpful. I had questions regarding a few of their cosmetic procedures. They were very patient, answered my questions, addressed my concerns and put my mind at ease. They gave me a personalized treatment plan. I feel very confident moving forward. It is all about aging gracefully and feeling beautiful.
Kelly Wilson
Kelly Wilson
18:41 07 Mar 19
I have enjoyed my CoolSculpting results from Dr. Vu and his staff. At the first consultation, the procedure was explained to me thoroughly. I was even able to see the machines to understand how they work and how the treatment would be. The staff took pics of me before the procedure and 3 months later so I was able to see my own results. While I saw the change in my own body, it was nice to see the pics!
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Thank You Notes from Our Patients

Thank you so much for squeezing Lindsay into your busy schedule last week. You have no idea how much peace-of-mind it brought me to know she was in capable, kind hands.  I truly appreciate it. 

Warmest regards,  Gina


Thank you for being so young, beautiful, and accomplished!  Whenever I see you the crazy all just fades away…. 

Sincerely,  -JM

One time on a Saturday I was having a test done at the Imaging Center and they called you to make sure of what was in my breast area and you kindly called back.  Thanks so much.   I am thanking God for all you do serving others and appreciate everything. 

Happy 2018,  DA

I want you to know that it was a pleasure to see you for an office visit.    You have encouraged me, and I appreciate your very kind words about my smile and personality.  It is obvious that you treat all your patients with the utmost respect and professionalism, and I appreciate that very much.  Your character shows that you care a great deal and I am thankful for your gift as a doctor.  I look forward to working together in the months to come and appreciate how you go out of your way to help others.  The same applied to your caring staff.  Thank you. 

Sincerely.  AD

Thank you so much for all your support during my surgery and the concern and kindness you’ve shown through my recovery. I appreciate all of you so much.

Kindly,  DK


Words cannot describe how appreciative we are of your kindness and generosity.  My wife was truly blessed to have you all be a part of her life. 

Thank you so much, -HD


What an amazing world it would be if everyone were as nice as you.  Thank you for taking care of me! It was hard to hear the word cancer at 43 but you made me feel like everything would be okay.  

Thank you, -JE


Thank you for all your smiles and support, 

Thanks,  JE


“Thanks” just doesn’t seem enough.  I can honestly say that I’ve never received such kind, thorough and professional service as I ‘ve hand with Dr. Vu and his staff. 

Thank you,  JF

Since today will be the last of my visits, I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank you.  Finding out that one has cancer is quite traumatic but having you as my physician was a blessing.  Your professional and caring demeanor was very reassuring during an overwhelmingly negative experience which turned a stressful event into one that was completely manageable.  In addition, your staff has also been polite and helpful throughout.  The extra concern for my well-being that you provided has not gone unnoticed by either myself or my husband, and we both have appreciated your expertise.  No doubt that without it, I would have undoubtedly encountered much more stress.  

Sincerely,  -LH

Your kindness is appreciated.  Your work is excellent. 

See you soon,  -CM


In recognition of your most gracious and beneficent generosity, it behooves me to express expansive amounts of gratitude to you.   In other words many thanks!  May the Lord bless you all. 



I’ve called Dr. Vu my “God on Earth” for years now.  He’s supported me at the worst of times in my journey and now THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE!! He’s so encouraging and truly cares about his patients. 


I didn’t get a chance to thank you yesterday. I met you at a very scary, sad time in my life and you have given me back so much of myself that had been gone for a longtime. I hated my body for a lot of reasons but you have changed that. I never looked at myself in a mirror but now I am. Cancer was a very disturbing thing but the hardest thing for me was to come to terms with my appearance. I had let myself go, so looking at the part of me took trust, patience, and a great deal of prayer and meditation.  I will never be able to express how grateful I am that you helped me do that. You are a wonderful doctor, You not only helped me but also my husband. Letting him participate in the reconstruction helped him move forward with my health. 

Thank you so much again for everything you did to get me well.  –NA

One time on a Saturday I was having a test done at the Imaging Center and they called you to make sure of what was in my new breast area and you kindly called back. Thank God for all you do serving others.   Thank you so much. 


Thank you for taking great care of my mom yesterday. She said she felt very comfortable with you. 


I can’t thank you enough for your fantastic medical skills and your compassion. You have made my experience with Breast Cancer a better situation to deal with! Thank you ever so much. 


You guys are the greatest! It has truly been an amazing experience. For the first time in 2 1/1 year I feel that all the bad will finally be in my rear view mirror. Thank you!

Sending you heartfelt thanks. With sincere gratitude for the care provided by all of you for my siser. 


I want to thank you for your dedication to making sure that each of your clients feels at ease. From the first time I met each of you, I knew that I could entrust myself to you. Thank you for making such a great impact in my life. I feel better about my self-image, even though I know that the true me is on the inside. 

Much love, 


Thank you all for your care and support.


Thank  you very much for your kindness and professionalism. 


Thanks for everything! 

Love, NM

I just wanted to say thank you for taking time out of your busy day yesterday to talk to me and help with my skincare concerns. I greatly appreciate it and look forward to being a lifetime customer. 


My wife and I cannot thank you and your staff enough for the amazing care you gave our son. You all went out of your way to make this scary issue as pleasant as anyone could. Your great sensitivity and patience with our son is appreciated at this highest level. We thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.  I thank you as a colleague and friend. You have great talent as a surgeon but more importantly you are a great doctor and exemplary person. 

Sincerest thanks,  The C’s 

Thank you so much for making my surgical experience such a pleasant one. I always felt I was in capable hands. Everyone had a lovely bedside manner.  See you late this year for fabulous after photos! I just have to say it – I am wearing a bikini – and I am 56 – who would have ever believed it?! I’m so happy! Thanks a million everyone! 


I just wanted to thank you so very much for taking care of me. I feel so comfortable knowing that you, Dr. Vu , will be taking care of my reconstructive surgeries. It’s people like you who make a difference in the world. 



Some people have a special way of knowing what to do to make things nice for others- And that’s just the way with you! Thanks so much for your help in my time of need. 



Thank you, Dr. Vu, fir sharing your time with our Breast Cancer Support Group affectionately. 


I wanted to thank you for your kindness & care. Please tell your staff they are very special and I look forward to seeing you again. Thank  you for all you’ve done. 


Thank you for being so kind and supportive these past 6 months. You are all very special to me. 


I want to thank you for the removal of my skin tags. You understood my frustration – thank you for being so relatable and kind. 

Wishing you all the best, 


After losing 145 pounds with the assistance of bariatric surgery, I had a problem finding clothes to fit me. My waist size was almost the same as hip size due to large deposit of loose skin and some residual fat around my belly.  

While vacationing in Florida, I contacted the Bariatric Clinic at Flagler Hospital and they gave me a referral to see Dr. Vu. I only had to wait 2 weeks and the consult was fabulous. The office was brightly lit, tastefully furnished, and his staff is friendly. 

Dr. Vu was very charming and professional. He spent a lot of time with me explaining why I was a good candidate for the procedure.   He answered all my questions. His enthusiasm for his work was so evident I knew instinctively he was “the man” for the job and I trusted his judgment. Being on vacation, I had only a little time to fit in the surgery, but his competent staff were able to accommodate me.  They even arranged pre-op work as I did not have a family doctor; I was only here on an extended vacation. 

Surgical day rolled around, and everything happened to me just as Dr. vu and his staff said it would.  Just before I went to sleep, Dr. Vu came in my room and drew lines on my fat sagging belly. This would assist him to reconstruct and reconfigure my new waistline.  I had stockings placed on my legs to prevent blood clots. I knew I was in good hands. 

I woke up in recovery to a cheerful nurse and only a little discomfort. Dr. Vu came in and said everything went well, no problems at all. I was discharged with analgesics and antibiotics. I was also given a complimentary “support garment” to wear. 

The next day while I was sleeping, Dr. Vu telephoned me to see how I was doing. He left a message on the answering machine. WOW!  I was impressed. I have never received such personal care before – a personal telephone call. He really cares about his patients. 

The next few weeks flew by. The heavy padding and dressings came off —and here was the BIG moment – what would I look like? My stomach was flat as a board and no more scars crisscrossing my belly.  I was in shock and I was crying because I was soooo happy. Never, ever in my life have I had a flat stomach, small waist, and now I have both! Dr. Vu was truly a magician. If I need anything else “done” on my body I would return to Dr. Vu for the surgery because he is the very best.  I have the utmost confidence in him. 

Thank you again to Dr. Vu and all his terrific staff for changing my life and body. 

Kindest Regards,  KC


I would like to thank Dr. Vu and staff for the spectacular service. It’s truly one of a kind. 

This has made a dramatic change in my life that I no longer have to deal with such as chronic back pain due to my overly large abdomen area.  I was unable to walk up a flight of stairs nor do most of my daily activities without tremendous discomfort. Dr. Vu performed the Abdominoplasty surgery for me on June 14th leaving me with astounding results.  

Never again will I be the tired person I was before the surgery thanks to Dr. Vu. I would recommend Dr. Vu to anyone who is looking to have the Abdominoplasty surgery done.  He’s one of the best I’ve seen yet. Once again, a special thanks goes out to the staff for making my stay comfortable and appeased. 

Thanks Dr. Vu,  JY