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Top Five Benefits of a Body Lift

Body and Thigh Lift in St. Augustine, FLIf you’ve recently gone through a major weight loss, you may be surprised by the body you have now. When you first started your weight loss journey, you were excited to see what your body would look like when you finally slimmed down. Now that you have, you’re left with tons of extra loose skin. A body lift can help you get the final results you’ve been dreaming of, plus so much more. Today, we wanted to share with you the five benefits of getting a body lift with Dr. Anh Vu.

1. A Body Lift is Fully Customized to Your Needs

There are two options you can choose from when considering a body lift with Dr. Vu. You can either opt for an upper body lift, which addresses the arms, chest, back, and waist, or you can opt for a lower body lift which addresses the abdomen, hips, buttocks and outer thighs. With both the upper and lower body lift, Dr. Vu will assess the excess skin around your areas of concern, and develop a fully customized treatment plan to help you achieve your ultimate aesthetic goals.

2. A Body Lift Reduces Skin Irritation

While a body lift can absolutely be done to help you look better, many of our body lift patients are equally as excited to get relief from skin irritation they have been experiencing since their major weight loss. With so much extra loose skin around the body, the skin often rubs together causing chafing and other irritation. By removing this excess skin, you’ll have less of a chance for your skin to rub together during regular daily activities and exercise routines.

3. A Body Lift Reveals Your Body’s True Contours

Your weight loss journey was a big one characterized by healthy eating habits and a regular exercise routine. You’ve done everything you can to help trim down and tone your muscles, but it’s hard to see your progress underneath your overstretched skin. With a body lift, you’ll be able to see all the contours of your new athletic body. An upper body lift will help you to see your new biceps, perky chest, toned back and small waist, while a lower body lift will help you reveal your newly perky butt, toned core, and strong thighs. The work you put in is truly worth the effort.

4. A Body Lift Helps Restore Confidence

One of the biggest benefits our patients experience is their increased confidence. While the numbers on the scale help you to see the progress you’ve made, all of your excess skin has been holding you back from feeling your best. An upper and lower body lift can help you get the look you’ve been working towards, so you can finally feel like you again! Say hello to the pair of jeans you’ve been dying to fit into or beach days with your friends and family. It’s about time to feel confident in your skin.

5. A Body Lift Can Help You Reach Your Ultimate Weight Loss Goal

Have you been feeling like your reflection in the mirror and the numbers you see on the scale just don’t quite add up? The extra pounds you can’t quite seem to get rid of may actually be coming from your excess skin. Believe it or not, we’ve experienced our patients losing up to 30lbs on the scale after their skin removal surgeries!

If you’re interested in learning how you can benefit from an upper or lower body lift with Dr. Vu, call our office to schedule your one-on-one consultation today.