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St. Augustine Residents Ask: Are Brow Lift Incisions Noticeable?

No matter how well you take care of yourself, your eyes can easily give away your age. The youthful appearance of the eyes is largely dependent on the eyebrows, which can cause an aged appearance as they begin to droop. In addition to looking older, people with sagging brows may look angry, tired or less approachable. Many patients turn to a brow lift to address these concerns and achieve a more youthful, refreshed appearance. However, many patients who are considering a brow lift have one big concern: are the incisions noticeable?

Where Are Brow Lift Incisions Made?

During the brow lift procedure, incisions are made along the hairline. This allows the doctor to remove loose skin from the forehead region, lifting both the eyebrows and the rest of the forehead. Since the incisions are precisely made along the hairline, they are virtually invisible. These incisions will blend in with the hairline to produce natural-looking results.

What Are the Benefits of a Brow Lift?

Brow lifts are a popular treatment because they do more than lift the eyebrows. After the eyebrows are lifted, it creates a more youthful appearance in the eyes. Patients often achieve a more rested appearance that contributes to a more youthful look overall. Plus, the brow lift can help address lines and wrinkles in the forehead. Frown lines, forehead creases and other wrinkles can be minimized with the brow lift procedure. For enhanced results, fat can be removed or muscles can be loosened.

What is Recovery Like After a Brow Lift?

After a brow lift, patients can expect minor swelling, bruising and discomfort in the treatment area for a few weeks. During this time, you will have to avoid exercise and other strenuous activities. Most patients are able to return to work in about a week, but this can vary from patient to patient.

Where Can I Learn More About the Brow Lift Procedure?

If you are located in St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach or the surrounding areas of Florida and are considering a brow lift, contact us today at Anh Vu, M.D. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have or help you schedule your initial consultation.