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Top Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

As humans, it’s a fact of life that we have hair on our bodies. And for some of us, that means more hair than others. While some of our hair may make us feel confident, beautiful and attractive, some hair does the exact opposite. Add to this the fact that waxing,...

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Breast Reductions vs. Breast Lift

When seeking breast enhancement procedures, many women must first make the decision between a breast reduction and a breast lift. Although these treatments can produce similar results, they are quite different. Below, we’ll examine the characteristics of these breast...

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Top Five Questions about Otoplasty Answered

Otoplasty, or ear surgery, is one of our lesser-known services. This surgical cosmetic procedure can be life-changing for individuals who have naturally protruding ears. Because it isn’t well known, there are a lot of questions our patients have when they come in for...

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Brow Lift vs. Botox

Choosing the right cosmetic procedure for you can often be overwhelming. With so many different options on the market, it’s hard to know where to begin in your selection process. One of the biggest complaints our patients come in with is their frown lines and deep...

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How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost?

Cosmetic surgery is definitely an investment, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming one. One of the biggest misconceptions about plastic surgery is that it’s too expensive for the average person. In reality, there’s a lot that goes into the overall cost of your...

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How Many Microneedling Treatments Do You Need?

Microneedling is an incredibly effective cosmetic procedure that can rejuvenate the face and address a number of skin-related concerns. Despite its popularity, many patients are actually surprised to find out that it often takes multiple treatment sessions to get the...

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Facelift vs. Mini Facelift: Which is Better?

Many patients start out using dermal fillers and injectables to help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the face, but years of use starts to get pricey. A facelift provides a more long-term solution to reduce signs of aging. But, do you really need a...

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Top Blepharoplasty Recovery Tips

We all want a speedy recovery from our plastic surgery procedures. Eyelid surgery recovery often intimidates our patients because it deals with such a sensitive area of our bodies. While post-operative care instructions always help you with the basic recovery...

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Five Myths about Rhinoplasty

Plastic surgery has soared in popularity over the past few decades. What was once reserved for the wealthy and famous, is now accessible to most American households. With all the rumors that fly around what’s involved in plastic and cosmetic surgery, there’s a lot of...

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Top Five Benefits of a Body Lift

If you’ve recently gone through a major weight loss, you may be surprised by the body you have now. When you first started your weight loss journey, you were excited to see what your body would look like when you finally slimmed down. Now that you have, you’re left...

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